Technology internships are highly beneficial for students; there just aren’t enough to go around.

We’re changing that.

Customizable internships to fit your programming needs

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Here’s the challenge.

Educators face a daunting challenge finding meaningful internship opportunities for all of their students. They know internship experiences complement academic teaching and are an invaluable milestone on every student’s path toward a prosperous future. 

Sadly, many students are disappointed and discouraged each year as employers, for reasons such as insufficient mentoring capacity or hiring limitations, don’t offer enough internships for every student that wants a meaningful professional development experience.

What we’re doing about it.

The MAXX Potential team has decades of experience hiring interns, managing internship “match-maker” programs, developing entry level talent and placing talent with employers, which led us to develop a realistic work environment to enable simulated Online Technology Internships. 

Now, every student can have a meaningful professional development experience to inform their academic & career choices, while also bolstering their resumés with real-world experience.

What we’ve seen.

Our simulated work environment emulates a real-world company’s technology team facing contemporary daily scenarios. 

Over four years, MAXX Potential has tested its Internship Program with over 100 student interns. 

Students build their professional vocabulary, get valuable experience for their resumé, and strong answers to the common interview question:

“Give me an example of when . . .”

Implementation and pricing.

Schedule a consultation with us to talk about your program requirements.

Our expert team will meet with you to better understand the prior learning experience and aptitude of your student population. We have successfully implemented work-based learning experiences from the middle school to the collegiate level. We will adjust the difficulty of work scenarios to ensure there is a “just-right” level of struggle and stretch. It is important to us that all students get as authentic an experience as possible. 

Then, we will customize the program to fit your students’ needs.

MAXX Potential’s work-based internship experience is easily customizable and can be as light as a two-week single role experience to a more intense eight-week, multi-role full-time resumé-worthy work experience.

Generally, the cost for the program will depend on some of the following design choices. 

  • How many interns will be participating?
  • Will MAXX Potential be training a facilitator or providing a facilitator?
  • Will it be a standardized or private-label solution?
  • What level of customization is required?

Every student deserves a quality work-based learning experience

Let’s make it happen